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Meet Stylist and Redken Artist, Danny!

Danny DuBose is a man of many talents at our Atlanta location. After 25 incredible years, we had a moment to learn the backstory of this talented story. Danny became interested in hair at a young age. When he would go with his Mother to get her hair done, he’d watch in awe as the hairdressers not only transformed their outward appearance, but their attitude as well. “They had a whole different attitude. Their heads were held higher and they looked gorgeous. I wanted to make people feel that way.” He attended a cosmetology technical school in Florida and began his career in the salon world.

Upon graduation, he began to work in a small salon in Douglasville. He met a woman that mentioned how he belonged at Bob Steele Salon, and he took a day to drive by and see it for himself. Though the salon was closed, he peeked through the windows and saw Bob Steele doing his wife’s hair. On the following Tuesday, he returned to meet Bob and share his interest in the company. When he was told he would need to go through the Internship program, he was absolutely thrilled at the idea to fuel his passion for education. He spent a day observing the culture of the salon, and the rest is history! 25 years later, and now as a Redken Artist, he has “been given opportunities he never thought he would be able to have.”

It was tough for Danny to nail down his most memorable moment since there have been so many! Looking back, he recalled his first photoshoot. He absolutely loved the experience but did not think too much into it. Later in the year, several stylists had planned a trip to London for a hair show. He and Bob were flipping through hair design books and in the index he saw “Bob Steele Hairdressers”. Bob turned to the page and showed Danny a full page spread of the haircut he had done from the photoshoot. It was the first time he had been published and the experience was unforgettable.

Danny had so many role models to look up to during his journey. He also looks up to those who begin at Bob Steele Salon and take his education classes. ”Seeing them grow and become their own person, their own hairdresser and see them succeed and have a passion for it.” He has two great passions: behind the chair taking care of clients, and educating others. In order to do this he has to expand his wheelhouse and knowledge in order to successfully do so. “You can’t give away what you don’t have” - Danny DuBose

When looking forward to the future, he’s excited to continue what he’s already doing! “A perfect life would be to just finish doing a great haircut, having my client have a good experience, or teaching an amazing class for someone and then turn around and take my last breath.” He’s making a huge impact on the future of the hairstyling world. “People have it backwards saying new people coming in are the future of the industry… they’re not the future.. They ARE the industry. Sharing the knowledge I have and have been given is so imperative. It’s not just about your knowledge behind the chair or how to give a good haircut, it’s about how to treat a client. It’s about How to have respect. It’s all about the client.”

The one piece of advice to give to someone coming into the hair industry, “Be responsible for your learning. Your growth. You can be anything you want to be.. You just have to want to be. Being responsible for your growth is deciding what road you want to take.. Where you want to be.. Be unstoppable.”

We are honored to be able to watch Danny’s journey first-hand. You can find his work and adventures on Instagram @dannyredkenbobsteele. To book an appointment with this dynamic educator, visit or call us at 404-262-9499.

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