Bob Steele Salons Reopen: A New Salon Experience Built with Safety in Mind

Atlanta’s hair experts lead the way with medical-grade air and surface sanitation, temperature checks, and minimal contact services.

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As our state and businesses begin to slowly open up, it is imperative we take personal responsibility for how we proceed to protect our health and the health of those around us. Let’s face it, there are business owners who are hyper-vigilant and will go to extraordinary lengths to provide a safe, healthy environment for their customers and there may be some who do not. It is up to us as individuals to make sure we learn about business practices and how they are working hard to protect our health and the health of their workers.

Bottom line…if it doesn’t feel right and you don’t feel safe, don’t go there.


My First-Class Experience at Bob Steele Salon

Last Thursday I was invited by my friend and business owner, Amanda Hair to visit Bob Steele Salon during their “soft” opening. She wanted me to see the protocols they had worked to put in place and get my feedback. From one business owner to another, I consider Amanda to be one of the best business minds around and the culture she has built for her team at Bob Steele Salons is one I have always admired. I was honored that she invited me and interested to see what this “new” salon experience would look like.

I was beyond impressed! Before you set foot in the salon, you check in at an outdoor station where your temperature is taken, your hands are sanitized and a mask is provided if you don’t have one. I was the only person in the salon and was absolutely in awe of how clean the place looked. It was immaculate. I was greeted by the receptionist who wore a facemask and immediately taken to my stylist Ming Matthews. Complete with protective masks and gloves, Ming wasted no time. After a 5 minute consultation, she colored my hair and washed it. I was in and out in an hour and 15 minutes. For added safety, the salon does not dry and style hair at this time.

Above-and-Beyond Air Care

What is truly amazing is what you don’t see…Bob Steele Salon has made a significant investment of $50,000 that truly goes above and beyond to ensure safety for all.

Searching for the absolute best technology for keeping her clients and stylists safe and healthy, Amanda Hair chose to install the same high-level Synexis system used in hospitals in all five Bob Steele Salon locations! An anti-microbial air sanitizing system, Synexis uses dry hydrogen peroxide gas to sanitize the air and surfaces on an ongoing basis. You can find more information on how the amazing Synexis technology works here.

I have every confidence in the world that my safety was Bob Steele Salon’s number one priority. They spare no expense in making sure that safety procedures are in place and employees and customers have the proper safety equipment to protect everyone in the process. Plus, my hair looks amazing!

I would have no reservations referring anyone to any of Bob Steele Salon’s five locations.


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