CELEBRATING Women's Empowerment Day at Bob Steele Salon

As today falls upon us, Bob Steele Salon takes a moment to appreciate the women of the company. In a busy, fast-paced world, we have to take a moment to step back and admire how far we have come as a company run by women.

Bob Steele Salon is run by CEO and Owner, Amanda Hair, who leads over 135 stylists at 5 locations across metro Atlanta. She always is one step ahead of the always-changing beauty industry and continues to ensure the luxury of Bob Steele at all times, in all locations. Leading so many unique and creative individuals may seem challenging, but Amanda does it with such grace and ease.

It wasn’t on purpose, but the leadership team is comprised of all women. Together, they work to bring their voices together and encourage the others in the company to speak up. It wasn’t always this easy, but Amanda realized how collaboration and connection can take root in women and expand vastly before our eyes.

“I have made sure to set the tone and add a powerhouse around me that always looks out for the greater good of the company while still living our core values - remaining caring - in everything we do.” - Amanda Hair

Amanda started her career during a time where the industry wasn’t always easy for a woman to

step-up and take on such a challenging role. She had to dive within her own strength and rely on herself to create the path for her incredible career. There had only been men paving the way during the beginning of her journey, and she had to stay steadfast and change the rules on her own in order to take the Bob Steele brand from a patriarchy to a matriarchy.

There was never a plan to be female-run, but it has helped so many women follow in Amanda’s path and find their voices. Out of those 135+ incredible people that make up the Salon, 90% of the team is female. Regardless of the team being comprised of women, they love men, too!

Today we take the time to appreciate how far Bob Steele Salon has come, and we can thank so much of the success to the beautiful and wildly talented women that make up the team!