Connect with Connie


Level 8


I was born in Berlin Germany to a German mother and a military father. I have been in Georgia since I was two.


I have always been very particular about my own hair being that it is very fine and hard to work with. It has taken me half of my life to figure out how to work with it . I have finally mastered it ! When I had my oldest daughter who fortunately was born with a lot of hair and I was always doing something different to it , was where my inspiration came from that I would love to do hair. I truly love the connection with so many different types of people and helping them to feel great about themselves. After nearly 37 years of doing hair I still love it as much as my first year! Don’t let the number of years fool you into thinking I’m old and out of date...... I am very young at heart and never want to get trapped in a time warp, constantly striving to move forward in every way.


In my free time I love going to the gym and trying to live a healthy lifestyle. I enjoy doing most anything outdoors when the weather is pleasant.


I can connect with any age group and enjoy doing so!

"If you can dream it , you can do it."