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Meet the Experts

Bob Steele Salon was founded on June 15, 1979.  It was fate that Bob Steele became a part of the industry.  After meeting a hairstylist at a party, he decided to go to cosmetology school, and 6 years after beginning his career, he opened his own salon.  The defining moment for Bob, and the salon, was 2 years after opening.  He was left with no stylists and was working all day with the help of a few assistants.  In just 2 years, he rebuilt the salon to be even more successful than before.  From that point forward, the salon continued to grow.  The philosophy of the salon was built around a quote from Zig Zigler; "You can get everything in life that you want if you'll just help enough other people get what they want".  The idea was to support new stylists as they established their career and encourage them to continually grow. Bob Steele Salon is well known for its friendly and professional team- oriented environment.  We have a strong commitment to ongoing education and providing each guest with a consistent, high- quality service experience from a team dedicated to the art of hairstyling. 

Our stylist's prices are determined by a system of graduated levels which are based on demand and expertise.  All of our stylists are immensely talented and promise to deliver an outstanding guest experience each time you come in. Most of our stylists begin as cosmetology school graduates and, once being hired, must complete an extensive internship before servicing clients full time. While in our Verge levels, stylists continue through a demanding graduate course, allowing them to refine their skills and eventually become an accomplished Elite stylist. After several years in the industry, along with high demand, our stylists are able to advance to our Luxe levels.

Amanda Hair Bob Steele Salon CEO Owner

So Chic Salons CEO, Amanda Hair (yes- that's actually her last name!) has brought luxury to a new standard during her career as CEO and Owner of Bob Steele Salon. For nearly 20 years, she has led the salon in opening a 5-location award winning luxury brand across metro-Atlanta that strives for excellence and continuous growth. She also has acquired two W. Daly Salon Spa locations in Newnan and Peachtree City. Amanda believes that a positive, caring approach bounded by core values is what sets this beauty leader apart from others

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